Undercover Operations

We have a special team for undercover operation. Our detective team has performed many undercover operations and today we are considered as one of the leading detective agency for undercover operation.

Undercover Operation has been performed to identify many suspicious activities in business, companies, unproductive employees, poor performance, harassment etc. Aryaman gives you the complete information. Detective agencies for under cover surveillance to gather information we use latest video/photo technology software, equipments, tracking system and experts in the process.

Our team also gives you the future prediction post complete investigation. These predication and suggestion comes only after a long experience Detective Agencies For Under Cover Surveillance.

The detectives in kolkata are smart and resourceful. They are well trained professionals who offer effective and fast service. They will shadow the suspect and monitor all their activities. Your spouse might be having an affair or your friend may be involved in something which might harm you; no matter what the hidden secrets are, the Aryaman detectives are going to uncover them all.
They use technologically advanced gadgets and devices to monitor all activities.

Evidence in the form of video and photographs are submitted. This strengthens the credibility of the investigation.

  • They maintain secrecy and professionalism.
  • They will submit a report on the information collected during the personal investigation.
  • The best part is that you can avail this service at a very economical rate and can get all the information that you are looking for.

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