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Aryaman a Best detective organization in Kolkata, blossoms with the commitment to perform. The motto of the new born organization is to protect properly rights of individuals and company tangible and non-tangible properties of companies and households protected against piracy, theft or burglary. Aryaman is also known for personal investigation Detective for surveillance, Detective for Teenage Monitoring, Detective family court cases, Detective for civil crime cases, Child custody and Maintenance, Investigation on cheating partners, Pre-Post Matrimonial Investigations, Detective for missing person, Detective for Dating Scams.


Investigation Services - 12 years
Insights & Strategy - 10 years
Surveillance Activities - 8 years
Legal Consulatation Services - 7 years

Why Choose ADSSPL

(Aryaman Detective Services & Solutions Private Limited)

ADSSPL is open for 24X7 to detect all fraudulent cases like spurious, counterfeit brands, look like products, pirating etc. happening in regular basis in India or abroad. Our efficient experts and team are ready to combat each & every situation anywhere as well. Only genuine information is required. The detectives at ADSSPL are smart and resourceful. They are well trained professionals who have years of experience and expertise in surveillance as a means of gathering intelligence and evidence discreetly. Our Detectives will shadow the suspect and monitor and document all their activities using technologically advance gadgets and devices. Aryaman Will submit an un-biased and detailed report fast and accurately along with evidence in the form of Video or photographs that strengthens the credibility of the investigation. These reports are written in a legally presentable format and can be produced as authentic evidence in the court of law, if the need arises.

Our Core Strength

Our unique network coupled with seasoned band of officers having the proven on the job track record, satisfied our clients right from investigation of cases relating to trade mark & copy right infringement to enquiry in connection with theft, burgalary and matrimonial (Pre & Post) cases by doing shadow surveillance with the added help of our specially trained undercover agents. Aryaman Detective string of experienced personnel are taking care of the banks, outsourcing needs, recovering agents also in deploying personnel, undercover agents at different banks. We make thorough enquiry regarding credentials of bank borrowers, guarantors and also conduct investigation relating to bank fraud or Insurance claim cases.

Seasoned and experienced Advisory board always ready to offer their experts opinion, advise and practical guidance on an ongoing basis is the source of inspiration to one and all.

Our detective wings led by Mr. Raman Kumar experienced detective, already proved their championship in the field.


Mr. Kumar is a dynamic young personality with rich experience in legal aspects of investigation. He is founder of ‘Aryaman Detective Services & Solutions Private Limited’ (ADSSPL). He is a born leader. His leadership qualities & urge for investigation together with tremendous ability in entrepreneurship made him unparallel. His experience and profound knowledge in this field has helped the organization to reach the summit. With years of expertise he has succeeded in carrying out many highly complicated investigations not only in India but also far-off from the border. His motto is to work together to attempt the impossible and to create a great future for the organization. He led the entire team of officers of the organization while conducting investigation by his prudent advises and that help the total organization to reach the peak having no other similar institution to match with Mr. Kumar.

Mr. Raman Kumar

Managing Director
Mr. Raman kumar - Managing Director image of private detective agency in kolkata - Aryaman Detective Services
Mr. Raman kumar - Managing Director image of private detective agency in kolkata - Aryaman Detective Services
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