Employee Theft Investigation

Is employee theft costing your business money? How much of your hard earned profits are sneaking out the back door?

Do your employees steal money or inventory, or are they stealing by being paid for not working? Let Aryaman investigate, identify and stop employee theft. Being aware of what is going on can save you countless amount of money, not to mention time and peace of mind.

Employee theft is one of the biggest reasons for loss to the bottom line of any business that sells or warehouses goods and it is a relatively simple crime to avoid if you take preventative measures. Employee Theft Investigations after the fact can be quite complex.

Workplace theft is more commonly the result of employee actions than non-employee actions. It is very important to have preventative measures in place so that you can protect your assets from within. If you do suspect that your employee is stealing from you, then call Aryaman immediately and let our expert team of Employee Theft investigators conduct a discreet, confidential investigation into the incident.

Our process begins with pre-employment screening to ensure that you are making informed hiring decisions. We can also install security cameras and implement other preventative measures at your office or store. Once a theft occurs, we will begin a employee theft investigation to determine who took what, and where they took it.

Such scenarios happen in many corporate offices. Theft by employees of various business assets like inventory, stationary, even the misuse/overuse of gift vouchers, food vouchers and other beneficiaries will lead to the huge loss of a company.

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