Pre Matrimonial Investigation

Relationship Status:

Individuals present relationship status (affair) is assessed by keeping him or her under discreet watch, especially on weekends & holidays other than regular days. At times, social media screening comes handy, other a discreet check in the residence neighborhood. Past affairs are verified by discreetly checking at school and college attended by subject, employment place or office & past residence’s.

Marital Status:

Under this we check if the subject is already married or was married before. If this information is not disclosed before marriage and later creates trouble. It is not uncommon to come across cases where this information was kept hidden intentionally and later ended with divorce. This is checked mainly by going through marriage registration records apart from discreet check with other available sources. If the individual is divorcee or separated and the reasons for separation is checked.

Adverse / Concerning Habits:

Bad habits such as alcoholism, excessive smoking, drug abuse, gambling, prostitution, etc greatly disturbs the married life. many times ending with divorce & tough legal battles. It has been observed that divorce due to such bad habits are on high rise since 2005. We discreetly check on such bad habits and report to you with supporting facts & evidences.

Present / Previous Employment Checks:

We check on present employment details such as name of the organization, designation, salary, job profile, overall performance, relationship with colleagues, reputation, etc. It is not uncommon Lying about salary. Moreover, past employments are checked mainly for any misbehavior, fraud, disciplinary action, etc. In this investigation process past affair or bad habit comes into light from such careful check at employment place.

Income & Financial Details:

Individuals income from one or various source’s is carefully evaluated other than checking on assets owned, residence ownership, vehicles owned, etc are checked. It further include checking for any related liability in terms of loan, mortgage, debt, etc.

Family Background:

Details on family members with others, their general character & occupation, involvement into any serious anti social or illegal activity, social reputation, relationship with relatives, etc are discovered through cautious investigations. The most recent trend is who want us to find out the character of potential mothers-in-law. For this, female investigators go to their homes under suitable cover story such as making a query about renting a room or as college students doing project or survey.

They try to speak with the prospective mother-in-law to see how she behaves and assess whether there is a risk of her being an aggressive behavior. It is noteworthy that a large number of marriages are breaking up because the bride’s mother interferes in the relationship too much. The growing ranks of wives with equally good or even better education and salaries than their husbands are being encouraged by their moms to look for better options.

Social Status:

Every individual is seen particularly by the society or his social circle. Here we check for social reputation of the subject among his or her social circle. No need to mention, we do not inquire with his friends & relatives but in the usual way of doing things to gather such information in a highly secret manner.

Personality Traits:

Personality traits are actions, attitudes, behaviors and so on for an individual. Each individual is unique having specific values, temperament, etc. We check for individuals personality in an accurate and discreet manner.

Health Status:

It is wort to note an ancient famous saying ‘Health is wealth’. Hence, it becomes important to check for any concerning health issue an individual may have.

Educational Background Check:

Educational qualifications like degrees are verified. Lying about educational qualification is not uncommon.

Criminal Background Check:

Record at concerned local police station is checked apart from discreetly checking with other available sources. It also includes checking for any civil suit against the subject.

We would be more than happy to accommodate your need to check on any other specific aspect; not mentioned above. Call Aryaman deective services today and let us conduct a background investigation to see if your partner is who they claim to be.

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